The Hemp Investment Group (HIG) builds relationships between investors and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the rapidly developing US hemp industry.

Leveraging specialized industry experience, the Hemp Investment Group is working to usher in a new generation of American hemp businesses with a National Hemp Investment Forum and a Hemp Industry Directory.

Through private introductions, an ongoing series investment forums, HIG facilitates deal flow between capital investors and hemp businesses.


Market Focus


HIG is focused on the national industrial hemp market.

We have deep exsperience in California where we are based.

HIG has strategic relationship with the National Hemp Investment Forum and the California Hemp Investment Forum.

About Us

The Hemp Investment Group is in its early stages of development, as is the US Hemp industry. We are primed for long-term development. Our team of associates have worked for decades to legalize hemp in America. We are committed to creating sustainable success for hemp investors and entrepreneurs today and for decades to come. HIG is headquartered in San Francisco, California.



Brian Webster, Founding Partner



The Forum will be online February 20, 2023

For opportunities contact: